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Help Autor: Andi Haehlen
Bearbeitet: 22.03.2005
Quick information about the new ANI...PAINT website

Language selection
The web site comes in 4 different languages: English, german, french and italian. You may select your favorite language using the language flags in the lower right corner of every page.

Hint: If you click on the large ANI...PAINT title logo in the upper part of the page, you will be automatically returned to the entry page. There you may select a language as well.

Please feel free to discover the site at your pleasure. Similarly to the ANI...PAINT application, the ANI...PAINT web site is supposed to invite you on a journey.

If you feel lost or have any question concerning this web site, you may want to write us a comment, using the following form. Don't forget to enter your e-mail address, so we can get back to you.

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