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IBM ViaVoice TTS speech engine in ANI...PAINT Autor: Hugo Neuhaus-Gétaz
Bearbeitet: 18.07.2010

IBM ViaVoice TTS from Wizzard Software Plays Storyteller for New Learning’s Multimedia Authoring Tool

Aug 24, 2005
PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Aug 24, 2005--Wizzard Software (OTCBB: WIZD) announced today New
Learning (NeLe) has licensed the IBM ViaVoice speech engine to use in Ani...Paint, a children’s multimedia
authoring tool. Located in Switzerland, Ani...Paint is used as an instructional device in many school systems
throughout the country. Some cities, including Zurich and Lucerne, are using Ani...Paint in every school.
NeLe also distributes the program throughout Western Europe.
“NeLe was searching for an affordable and intelligible speech engine that could be easily integrated into our
product,” said Hugo Neuhaus-Gétaz, psychologist, teacher, and President of NeLe. “Wizzard’s offering of
IBM ViaVoice was the perfect choice.”
Used primarily by and for children with disabilities, Ani...Paint affords teachers the ability to quickly build
engaging computer-based lessons that enable children to tell a story with drawings and texts. The addition
of IBM ViaVoice allows the stories to be read aloud, providing a more exciting and creative way to build
reading skills by giving stories more life.

can create multi-sensory stories and lessons, from cause and effect to building curriculum
knowledge. The exclusive Drawmation feature lets teachers and students combine text, sounds, graphics
and speech with the flexibility to create an effective lesson or story that matches students' learning styles,
levels and interests. Ani...Paint also offers Voice and Sound Effects features, as well as media mixing

Available for Windows operating systems*, Ani...Paint is offered with French, Italian and German TTS
capabilities. Within the next 3 months, the latest version of Ani...Paint will be available in English. More
information can be found at
“We are continually impressed with our customers’ unique implementations of ViaVoice TTS,” said Danielle
Lewis, Marketing Director for Wizzard Software. “NeLe’s product is an exciting and inventive way to use the
highly intelligible and flexible attributes of IBM ViaVoice text-to-speech to great advantage in an
educational product.”

About Wizzard Software
Founded in 1996, Wizzard Software has become a leader in the speech technology application development
market. Wizzard architects solutions to business problems using its expertise in consulting, speech
development tools and building speech based applications for the Desktop and Internet. Wizzard has
achieved global recognition because of its expertise with voice communication whether it is via PC or
telephone. Wizzard's successes have lead to expanding opportunities in both the government and
commercial sectors. In April of 2004, Wizzard acquired MedivoxRx Technologies. Founded in 2000,
MedivoxRx is the originator of “Rex”, the talking prescription pill bottle, which “talks” to the patient
allowing them to distinguish what type of medication is in the bottle and hear critical information on
dosage amounts and refill parameters. Additional information on MedivoxRx can be found at More information on Wizzard Software can be found in the Investor's Corner
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and markets for our services, the time and expense involved in such development activities, the level of
demand and market acceptance of our services, changes in our business strategies and acts of terror
against the United States.
IBM ViaVoice TTS from Wizzard
Software Plays Storyteller for New
Learning’s Multimedia Authoring
Arthur Douglas and Associates
IR Contact: Art Batson, 407-478-1120
Wizzard Software
Danielle Lewis, 412-621-0902

* is availble for Macintosh too, but only with TTS in English.
all content © Copyright by ANI...PAINT™ and NeLe™ New Learning, Hugo Neuhaus-Gétaz

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